COMMENT - Defuse the time bomb

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IT is shocking to discover that Wigan’s alcohol dependency could soon take its toll on patients with liver disease.

As a report highlights that the borough is eighth worst for hospital admissions for alcohol-related liver disease, and that the North West is the worst offending region in the country, alarm bells should be ringing.

The figures may appear confusing and offer false hope.

While death rates are lower than the average, the borough’s health problems remain under the surface.

Health experts fear a ticking time bomb of ill health, with obesity and liver disease just two of the problems it needs to tackle.

While the research is alarming, it may well be a wake-up call which is needed to help people take stock of their actions and seek help.

Wigan’s health partners welcome the report and will now use it to structure its services to tackle the problem in a bid to prevent alcohol-related deaths.

Let’s just hope the agencies can solve the issue before it is too late.