Comment - Diame’s lessons to learn

IT has been quite a week for foot-in-mouth football comments.

And in the wake of the sexist Sky soccer pundits scandal, Wigan Athletic midfielder Mohamed Diame may today be regretting some of the comments he made about our town in an interview with a French magazine.

Granted, he did not decry the appearance of our womenfolk, despite what some reports have suggested, and his complaints about the cold could have been made anywhere on mainland Britain.

But he must surely regret taking a pop at the town itself.

It is not only inaccurate – the borough has plenty of places for peaceful countryside walks (more than anywhere else in Greater Manchester, in fact), and has one of the most vibrant night club scenes in the region – it also makes life difficult for himself, both within the club and with the fans.

Diame, by all accounts, is a polite and hard-working young man who wins glowing praise from his chairman.

But he clearly has lessons to learn on the public relations front.