COMMENT - Did apathy finally kill town council?

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SO we are not to have an extra level of democracy in the east of the borough after all.

The Independence for Atherton ‘awkward squad’ have had their increasingly boisterous calls for a town council of its own denied by the ruling Cabinet of the borough council which chose to back officers who had recommended taking no further action.

Supporters of the bid will trumpet the fact that 77 per cent of those who bothered to respond, backed them.

Councillors happy to remain in the existing comfort zone – and there are plenty of those within the existing town hall structure – point to the clearly hardly commanding turn out of people who actually bothered to take part in the Community Governance Review.

Others dismissed the whole thing as a bid by some opposition councillors, sick of being perennially out-voted by the ruling party, to try to force their own personal mini-fiefdom. And one which the council tax payer would – however small the precept – end up paying for.