COMMENT - Do not fall victim to bug

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THE problem with bugs such as meningitis is that symptoms are often passed off as something trivial and in young people this is where the condition can be most damaging.

Too often victims of this horrible virus do not act on the warning signs and this is where meningitis becomes very serious. Thousands of people contract a form of Meningitis in the UK every year and like most things treatment is most affective if caught early.

Many symptoms appear to be related to much less severe conditions such as flu or even hangovers, but when combined, alarm bells should start ringing.

The chances are you will not be affected by meningitis, but it is still responsible for too many young deaths in the UK and should be treated seriously in respect of being aware of the dangers.

Nobody wants every young person in the borough to turn in to hypochondriacs, but take five minutes to check if your inoculations are up to date with - it could save your life.