COMMENT - Do not ignore signs of cancer

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WE all hope we won’t get cancer but it is ignorant to think that by ignoring possible symptoms we will not suffer. This week health experts pleaded with people with symptoms to go and get checked out.

Most of the time the symptoms will be nothing to worry about, but health chiefs will always say that for the few people who do have cancer, of any form, the sooner it is diagnosed the more likely you are to survive.

There are hundreds of deaths every year in the borough from cancer and health experts say that if many of these were diagnosed earlier, the chances of survival would dramatically increase.

The latest warnings for women to educate themselves on the symptoms of ovarian cancer is a warning that should be heeded given the survival rates being some of the poorest of all cancers.

So make sure you know the signs of cancer. The chances are it will be nothing, but it’s always better to have it checked out than not to bother.