COMMENT - Dog dilemma for the owners

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THERE have been far too many reports of dogs who are treasured family pets turning on people and attacking them.

It is a huge shock to the owners who see them as an extended member of their clan, but there is something in some dogs’ nature that makes them want to attack and that must not be ignored.

For 16 people to have been killed by dogs since 2005 surely says that some breeds are not to be trusted.

It is a shame, as there are countless canines which are placid and would not harm a fly, yet there are others that are vicious and scary.

It puts the nation in a dilemma – the dog owners will swear blind their pet is one of the good ones and would never turn, yet those who do not have one will find it easier to condemn them.

What is the answer?

Jailing irresponsible dog owners is one solution, but the tragic consequences will have already occurred,

People need to be alert and if they spot a dog that is viscous to report it before it is too late.