COMMENT - Dog laws a tough call

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THE tragic death of Jade Anderson has brought an issue many have been calling for to be debated into the national spotlight.

Many will argue that it should not take such a horrific story to spark such serious talks, but often this is the way of things.

Charities and those affected are calling for tougher sanctions on those keeping dogs, particularly those of the bull variety.

Jade’s family and friends are calling for police to be given new powers so criminal action against owners can be taken when attacks take place on private land.

Others want the introduction of mandatory neutering and microchipping of dogs and others have blamed owners of dogs for their behaviour.

It will be a very difficult and ardent debate for the politicians and lawmakers and one would think the vast majority agree that changes are needed.

Too many news stories have recounted such tales of dog attacks, but should not be lost in all this debate however, is the sheer tragedy of Jade’s death and a grieving family.