COMMENT - Dog’s death was cruel and evil act

THE loss of a pet feels like losing one of the family and when a dog is essentially murdered in a premeditated fashion it is hard to accept.

Dogs are drawn to antifreeze as it is sweet and unfortunately there are sadistic people who use this to lure them to kill them.

Any dog will ever turn down a free meal and to lace a turkey carcass with the poison is truly evil and shocking and if anybody knows who it is they should tell the authorities.

It is not acceptable to leave callous traps for animals and the poor dog will have suffered in its death because of it. Too often we have to report cruelty to animals but the only way to help end it is by being vigilant and letting the RSPCA know when you have any suspicions. If they do not know they cannot investigate and in cases where it is proved they cannot prosecute. So please call them if you think an animal is being mistreated.

This is an evil act and the perpetrator should be caught and brought to justice for it. If anybody knows anything they should call the RSPCA.