COMMENT - Don’t risk it

NO matter how many times the message continues to be repeated, many people still take unnecessary risks with their lives when a fire breaks out in their homes.

That is why today’s warning from Leigh mum Anne-Marie Richards, who was forced to flee her home with her daughter and the family pet after a kitchen fire, is such a timely one.

As Ms Richards found out, kitchen fires can start from the tiniest causes, and can develop into serious incidents if grills, pans and other appliances are left unattended even for a few seconds.

Attempting to tackle fat fires and other similar blazes is extremely dangerous, as in the panic of a house fire most people’s first instinct is to throw water on it, which immediately strengthens the flames.

The fire service’s message if a fire breaks out is very simple: get out, stay out, and do not attempt to tackle the blaze yourself under any circumstances.

Let’s hope Ms Richards’ brave step in speaking out publicly to remind us of this helps to bring an end to the injuries and fortunate near-misses caused by fires which appear all too commonly in this newspaper.