Comment - Elderly need back up

TO HEAR of an 87-year-old disabled woman trying to be as independent as she can, only to be left hamstrung by shoddy customer service is quite frankly not acceptable in this day and age.

Thankfully for Aileen Tootell, she has a fantastic set of neighbours which does make you realise community spirit is still alive in parts of Wigan, but BT should hang their heads in shame.

This wasn’t some stroppy customer ringing up every five minutes to complain, but somebody desperately trying to get help for a very vulnerable member of the community.

That said, whilst social services have been praised by Aileen and her neighbours, perhaps there needs to be some form of backup for an emergency system linked to a phoneline. It is more than possible that lines could go down at anytime leaving countless others in a similar position.

Aileen is a fantastic example of human courage to remain independent and if it wasn’t for a passer-by and her neighbours, who knows how long she may have been left there. There is a flaw in the system and both BT and social services need to address this.