COMMENT - Fabulous new high in GCSEs

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AFTER more than two decades of seeing GCSE results steadily improve, there is a danger of headlines about record-breakers becoming repetitively tiresome.

But the class of 2012 have certainly earned their front page billing!

Never in the history of GCSEs have so many of the borough’s schools seen their higher grades reach new highs at the same time ... and by such large margins.

Even the few schools whose benchmark figure fell slightly this year saw the overall number of A* to Cs go up.

It is a truly astounding peformance and this in a year when the exams are supposed to have got tougher and that national average successes have declined for the first time since the 1980s. Huge credit must go to the teaching staff and to the thousands of hard-working pupils who have conspired to produce this record-breaking array of results.

What a challenge it sets to future GCSE cohorts to emulate.