COMMENT - Fans deserve better for final

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ONCE again Latics fans appear to have been completely ignored by both the Football Association and the train companies ahead of the FA Cup final.

Fans of both Wigan Athletic and Manchester City will be unable to travel to Wembley and back by train on the same day following the announcement that the game will kick off at 5.15 on Saturday May 11.

Virgin trains, who operate the most direct services between Manchester and London say it is out of their hands, but as was the case in the semi-final last weekend, it appears that all parties involved have washed their hands of any wrong-doing.

Despite charging over-inflated prices, Virgin trains are unwilling to put on extra services for fans, while the FA point blank refuse to change the kick off to an earlier time.

This is despite fans forking out huge sums of money to travel to Wembley twice, not to mention the cost of a ticket.

The FA decided that in order to pay for the new Wembley that the semi-finals and the final would be held there, as supposed to separate grounds more convenient for the fans involved.

It is a shame that they seem so unwilling to help out the same fans who pay such high costs by moving the kick off time. Both sets of supporters will now either have to find alternative travel arrangements or shell out more money for accommodation.

That said, it is almost certain that fans will flock to snap up the 25,000 tickets on offer and it will not dampen the atmosphere of such an historic day for the club and the town.

Bus companies will no doubt be flocking to fill the void left by the train companies unwillingness to put on extra services and hopefully all fans who attend the match will have no problems getting too and from the game.

It is a shame those involved let themselves down in such situations.