COMMENT - Foul eyesore

THE site which greets visitors to the Kirkless Industrial Estate is nothing short of a disgrace.

Vast piles of rotting waste tower over the neighbourhood while fences risk collapse as the site bursts at the seams.

And as winter turns to spring in a few weeks’ time, neighbouring businesses will again have rats, foul smells and clouds of flies to contend with yet again, on top of the visual scars.

What has become known as McCann Mountain is a festering sore on the borough that should have been dealt with long ago.

Its owners, who have relaunched the operating firm several times with slight changes of names after court prosecutions, are nowhere to be seen and have ignored calls by the Environment Agency to tidy up.

Ironically, because they don’t have a permit – for which McCann’s was prosecuted more than once – that makes it harder to enforce clearance.

But there must be something that the authorities can do to make those responsible for this disgusting mess to dispose of it at last.