COMMENT - Future is bright at UTC

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IT is a difficult time to seek employment, but particularly so if you’re a young adult.

Unemployment among 16-25 year olds is at record levels according to the latest figures, so it is important that more is done to tackle this social ill.

The local authority in Wigan borough has been keen to promote any such scheme to try to get young people into employment and they will no doubt be pleased to hear of the plans in place at the Wigan University Technical College (UTC).

Environment technology is undoubtedly a growth industry and by empowering our youngsters with the tools to drive forward such industries we will not only be helping them find sustained employment, they will put Wigan at the forefront of such an innovative industry.

Youngsters trying to make their way in the world face a tough enough task but training them in a niche, growth market will help give them the tools to go out into the job market and knock potential employers dead.

The UTC will undoubtedly shape our future – which is bright in Wigan.