Comment - Garden is a real credit to villagers

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THAT the people of Billinge have managed to create their own memorial garden from a piece of wasteland is a great achievement in itself.

That they have managed to do it in the middle of one of the most economically depressed periods in modern British history, when grant funding is particularly hard to come by, makes it even more special.

And what a transformation it has been! The plot that was identified by the various local residents and tenants’ associations was, by any accounts, an eyesore.

Yet through hard work, perseverance and teamwork the area has been tastefully walled and landscaped, benches installed and a memorial put in place as the garden’s centrepiece.

Residents, especially war veterans and their families, will now be able to go there for moments of quiet reflection.

What a triumph of public spiritedness, determination and sheer hard work by the village’s own population.