COMMENT - Health in our hands

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SOCIETY has never been so health-conscious and with it has come greater responsibility for health chiefs in our communities.

From April 1, GPs across the borough will be responsible for the multi-million-pound budget for all of Wigan’s healthcare services.

They have not taken such responsibility lightly and neither should we.

We all like to moan, especially when we feel we are not getting what we think we should be and this is true in terms of health services. So instead of griping impotently about it, we now have a chance to get involved by joining our local patient participation group.

The groups at all GP surgeries will allow patients to protectively discuss services with doctors to ensure the community has a voice in the future of healthcare.

The future will be a great challenge for GPs and other health practitioners as the focus of healthcare changes. People are living longer and this will in turn bring about a rise in conditions such as Diabetes and dementia, so strategy will be key.