COMMENT - Humanity and good will prevails

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IT was absolutely soul destroying to hear that heartless thieves had stolen money from a sick child whose only wish is to go to Legoland.

But, faith in humanity has been restored as countless people have rushed forward to help get five-year-old Tyler Reid to the tourist attraction.

It just goes to show that for one vicious and selfish person, there are plenty more good, honest people to help restore the balance.

It was heart-warming to receive e-mails and phone calls from readers who just want to help and to pass this on to the family. It was also very touching to speak with another mother, whose son had terminal cancer and how he wished to donate some of his money to help Tyler. In his mum’s own words, it was a gift to Tyler from Daniel.

And even corporate bosses are happy to help out, as Legoland has offered to try and set something up to relieve the family.

It is a shame that it ever had to come to this, but at least it goes to show that some good can come out of a bad situation.