COMMENT - Illegal fags are a worry

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CIGARETTES are bad enough for your health, but illegally sold counterfeit ones are even worse.

Despite a drive to reduce the number of smokers, there is still huge profit to be made from smokers, which is why it is always likely to attract criminal activity.

Thanks to Ozzy the K9, there are a few thousand less on the streets of the borough but it is an ongoing problem.

During tough economic times it is even more appealing for people to but counterfeit cigarettes as they think they are saving themselves a few quid.

However, the problem is that you don’t know what the cigarettes have been made from and they could contain some extremely dangerous chemicals.

Although any form of smoking is not good for your health, illegal cigarettes are unchecked and unregulated and you are only lining the pockets of criminals.

If you think you have been offered any counterfeit cigarettes do the right thing and inform the authorities. You could save a few lives and your own.