COMMENT - It’s time to shine a clear light on solar

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FOR a Government which claimed, on reaching Coalition agreement, to be ‘the greenest ever,’ there are some strangely mixed messages eminating from the corridors of power.

The latest – the Chancellor’s confirmation that he is to channel financial support away from the solar power industry in favour of offshore wind farms – puts another axe-bite in the pillars already struggling to maintain the economic argument in many peoples’ minds when they stop to consider the investment needed if they are to install the cells on domestic garage or roof top.

This surely cuts across the Government’s call for support for the renewables industry and for more and more of us to take up a technology not dependent on the vagaries on the wind.

These hardly unattractive panels can work well from cloudy skies, they can’t be accused of despoiling the environment and even give a satisfactory power output on even dull days. While a domestic installation can save 30 tonnes of carbon emissions during its lifetime.