COMMENT - Jobs are hard to come by

IN TOUGH times it is difficult to make ends meet, as the statistics released by the GMB show.

Nearly half of job seekers in Wigan have been claiming for six months or more and this is certainly worrying news.

The Job Centre Plus does as well as it can to help people find work, but if the jobs are not there it is simply not going to happen.

Government schemes will, of course, be run with the best of intentions but it is difficult to see how a national model or scheme can be applied to fit all demographics.

For example, Wigan’s job prospects will be far different to other areas of the country, so it is unrealistic to think that what works for one place will work for another.

The fact is that because of the shocking financial state of the country there just are not enough jobs and it is fabulous to see just how well the various agencies do to find any work for people.

Hopefully the economy will pick up and investment will follow.