COMMENT - Jobs still a concern for people in Wigan

WHILE it is undoubtedly good to see the amount of workless households fall (no matter how small the decrease) the figures still serve as a stark reminder as to just how hard it is for most people in the borough to make ends meet.

When we look at the figures it may be seen by some as a minor miracle that we have managed to see a decrease at all given that many major employers such as the council and the NHS are once again facing huge cutbacks which inevitably costs jobs.

As well as the public sector, private sector firms are still finding it tough and even the most profitable of companies have cut their work forces in recent years.

However, hopefully we have turned a corner and we will continue to see this figure fall as we slowly come out of the recession. Wigan has always had a great community spirit and hopefully this has helped see us through the worst of it and it would be great to see the figures fall significantly in 2013 and beyond.