COMMENT - Keeping a lid on crimes

NOT for the first time during these years of economic straits Wiganers have been perhaps surprised by the direction in which the local crime figures are continuing to go.

History has generally shown that rising unemployment, inflation and other social ills have been closely linked with an upsurge in offending.

And with police, like all public servants, having to endure some pretty severe cuts because of Government austerity measures, each new round of crime figures has been expected with an air of pessimism.

But today the doom-mongers have been thwarted once again by another highly encouraging set of local statistics.

The most impressive figure is that related to serious violent crime which fell by a massive 34 per cent in the year to last October 1 and both vehicle crime and robberies were significantly down too.

This is great credit not only to the police but partners such as the council. Let’s hope this great momentum can be kept going indefinitely!