COMMENT - Law must be enforced

ISSUES with the horse passport system were brought into sharp focus by a recent Wigan cruelty case covered by the Evening Post.

Alan Brennan was jailed last month after neglecting 17 horses in his care, including leaving five stallions locked in stables with no food or water.

But the RSPCA claim as many as 75 per cent of horses coming into their care have not been microchipped – despite it being a legal requirement.

Society inspectors reckon better policing of the horse passport system would make it much easier to track down people who do not provide adequate care for their horses.

But, as things stand, it is far too easy for horses to change hands and be passed on to irresponsible owners without the relevant paperwork which would enable them to be traced.

Until the horse passport laws are properly enforced, there will continue to be people who, for whatever reason, mistreat their horses.

Only a fit-for-purpose horse passport system combined with tough penalties for those caught flouting the law will help stop the cruelty.