COMMENT - Let’s hope measles outbreak is now over

IT is with some relief that we learn that there has been a sudden drop-off in the number of newly confirmed measles cases in Wigan.

After all, as many of the borough’s citizens have contracted the potentially dangerous illness this year as those who caught it in the other nine areas of Greater Manchester put together.

The MMR jab has long been a particularly thorny issue in Wigan because the national campaign which casts doubt on its safety – Jabs – was founded by a local woman. But even those with concerns about the triple vaccine do not recommend that people avoid being inoculated altogether – only to seek out single jabs.

And this is surely right. Measles can in some cases have very serious repercussions for sufferers, causing deafness and even death on occasions.

So we wholeheartedly support the crusade for all citizens to seek out some form of medical protection against it. Uptake rates locally are improving and the nearer to the 100 per cent mark residents can reach, the safer they will be.