COMMENT - Let’s lead litter war from top

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MANY of us were brought up to love the countryside and respect our open spaces.

And we have made genuine strides with our children to instil in them the same values that one of the most abhorrent things we can do to our green and pleasant land is to turn it into a giant waste tip.

Increasingly children can be seen using appropriate refuse bins – even shoving wrappers into pockets if there are none available.

Sadly it is adults – and that is using the term loosely – with the use of boots and back seats in vehicles that are responsible for fly tipping and black bin bags of largely recyclable rubbish.

And many of them take their cue from the illegal dumping on an increasingly industrial scale that some operators and chancers try to get away with in some of the borough’s less glamorous corners.

So the news that watchdog the Environment Agency are going after large scale polluters flaunting the law is significant.

Let’s make them a real example.