COMMENT - Let’s pull together to catch con man

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CON men are despicable people, but the worst kind are ones who prey on vulnerable old people in their own homes.

The case of the 92 year old woman in Standish acting as a good samaritan only to be robbed of her pension is nothing short of disgraceful and it is up to the community to help police catch the man.

Quite how anybody can have such a thing on their conscience is truly unbelievable but yet again we are hearing about truly shocking crimes in our community.

Somebody must have seen the man who did this, even if they didn’t realise it at the time, so make sure that if you were in the Collingwood Street area of Standish on Wednesday morning, think back as to whether you saw a man matching the description.

The police will need all the help they can get to catch this man and unless the community can help them, then more people will suffer. People always say they feel naive and stupid after such incidents, but they shouldn’t have to feel that way, just like they shouldn’t feel vulnerable in their own homes.