COMMENT - Lock out sneak thieves

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COME every cold snap this paper carries confirmation of more activity by that most upsetting of criminals - the sneak thief.

Drivers, faced with a quarter of an inch of milky coloured ice on the windscreen and the prospect of a shivery cold interior, start cars outside property and then retire back inside the home to finish their brew...with keys still in ignition and vehicle doors unlocked.

When the car is subsequently driven away by a villain who, as often or not, has been ‘casing’ driveways for just such an opportunity, owners are rightly left feeling angry and not a little embarrassed.

Now comes confirmation that a Wigan firm are offering just the means to cook their goose, at, appropriately enough, Christmas.

Their clever devise offers the opportunity to start the car from inside via a secreted button.

You can then withdraw with keys, lock up the vehicle and allow it to warm up, safe behind the double glazing. What a cracking idea!