COMMENT - Make a healthy start to the year

AT this time of year, we all think about making a fresh start, and particularly a healthy one.

Truth be told, many of us don’t manage to see it through but it is important to remember little changes can make all the difference.

Fizzy drinks are not always the most obvious thing to think of when it comes to tackling weight issues, but by cutting down on them we could all help improve our health immensely.

Even by starting off small and reducing the amount of fizzy drinks you have and perhaps replace it with a glass of water or a cup of tea, it all helps.

Many of us drink far too many without realising it so why not try and keep a count of how many you drink and try and reduce it gradually

Coupled with a bit more exercise and a healthier diet in general we could all benefit from a few lifestyle changes this year and make 2014 a healthier one.

It’s difficult to change habits, but making realistic goals means we can all be healthier.