COMMENT - Make the most of job offers

THE recession seems to be never ending and everybody in the borough and everybody knows of somebody who has been hit by the dreaded hand of redundancy.

While the authorities do their best to try and get people back into employment it has forced both the private and public sector to tighten their belts and jobs are becoming increasingly hard to come by in any field of employment.

What is promising, however, is that those in positions to influence this appear to be doing their best to work together and events like the one in Wigan Life Centre are vital to people getting back into employment where possible.

With such huge companies like JJB becoming victims of the current economic climate it only reiterates what dire straits the borough and the country find ourselves in and it will take more innovation and scheming from the private and public sector alike to turn round the employment prospects for Wiganers.

If you did work for JJB get down to the Life Centre and see what can be done for you. Unless you go, you never know what the outcome could be.