COMMENT - Motorists need to wise up

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IT seems that more and more Wiganers are being caught out by not paying and displaying in the town centre.

Almost half a million pounds worth of revenue has boosted the council coffers through people not paying for parking and being caught by wardens.

What is interesting is that an increase in spaces being made available on Library Street this year has meant that the majority of those who were fined were parking there – toppling Wigan Lane as the hotspot for offenders.

Motorists always think ticket inspectors target them, but while they are always going to try and catch as many people as possible out, it is easily avoidable.

In times of such economic austerity, especially for local authorities, the council will no doubt be happy of such revenue, but unlike a lot of town centres, Wigan has plenty of parking space at seemingly reasonable rates compared to other towns and cities.

So the message is simple – pay for your parking and you won’t be caught out.