COMMENT - Nasty surprise hard to swallow

VERY few of us would be able to stomach a mouthful of food with a side order of hair concealed inside it.

While those unfortunate enough to have had one of these nightmare meal experiences may struggle to erase it from their memory.

It is reassuring though that the council’s Environmental Health officers take all cases such as this one extremely seriously.

They will try to investigate as much as they are able to - but people should remember that the food stuffs cannot be analysed if they are contaminated in any way.

As in all walks of life, mistakes can be made and on very rare occasions, foreign objects can find themselves into mass produced food stuffs.

But again, the council’s officials make regular visits to the borough’s eateries to ensure that food preparation areas meet certain criteria and are graded appropriately each year.

The only way to ensure you know exactly what is going into your system at meal times is to prepare your own food.