COMMENT - No hiding place for abusers

THERE is, to put it simply, no room for domestic violence in a civilised society.

Sickening attacks on vulnerable men and women in the four walls of their own home, carried out by people they are supposed to be in a loving relationship with, which are often fuelled by alcohol and drug addiction, sum up much of the very worst in human nature.

With Wigan suffering some of the highest domestic abuse rates in the region, the emphasis now being placed on tackling this scourge is welcome news.

The police and probation services have placed it at the very top of their agenda, while the council is teaming up with other authorities to raise awareness of suffering victims.

A vigil has also been planned for Wigan town centre, which promises to be a moving event to which it should be impossible to turn a blind eye.

There can only be one possible outcome which is desirable for all this hard work, and that is to stamp out domestic violence once and for all.