COMMENT - No more broken promises

IT has almost become, in many people’s minds, an immovable object.

Now unquestionably the borough’s biggest eyesore, Borsdane Shopping Precinct may have seemed starkly cutting-edged when its concrete box frame was poured in the 1960s.

But half a century later, it lies largely abandoned, having been stuck in a complex legal battle over its future for the past decade.

The partially fire-bombed, scrap scavenger attacked remnants have no place in a forward-looking borough.

For more than ten years, residents have heard many promises that this mess would be cleared out of their lives

All have been made earnestly enough, only to become bogged down in the increasingly stark economic reality of the trading situation.

They will be over the moon to see a solid commitment that it will have finally bitten the dust by the end of this month.

It will be replaced by a smaller, modern retail development more in keeping with the existing community, plus a small new housing estate that will nurture a new crop of customers.

Let’s hope there will be no further painful let-downs.