COMMENT - Now time for a taste of humble pie ...

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EYEBROWS were raised and vitriol powered keyboards readied when a Wigan miner’s daughter – Baroness Ashton of Up Holland – was named Europe’s head of foreign affairs.

Now having pulled off a spectacular coup in broaching an agreement between the Western World and Iran over nuclear enrichment, we await some well earned apologies from those doubters.

But the people of this area, well used to the general condescension from the power brokers south of the Watford gap will not, of course, be holding their breath.

Makerfield’s former MP backed her publicly for the role right from the very start, arguing that her quiet charm but steely determination was just what was needed to court bellicose voices on both sides.

Some are already stating that this agreement could now effectively prevent another war in this political tinder box. Quite an achievement for a working class girl proud of her roots and far removed from the standard issue Diplomatic stock.