COMMENT - Nowhere to hide this time

EVERY year we report the Christmas crackdown on drink-driving and then every new year we report how many people were caught.

It seems amazing that people still commit such acts of selfish stupidity and the police are forced to use valuable time and resources tackling such an avoidable issue.

Drink-driving is not a new offence and there really is no excuse for it whatsoever. Reporters hear the same excuses in Wigan Magistrates’ Court every day, such as “I didn’t think I was that drunk” or “I only had a couple.”

Unfortunately that doesn’t wash anymore and it would be nice for once to report that nobody was caught over the festive period.

If you drink and drive you are only fooling yourself and you will be caught. The police know what to look out for and not only can it ruin your life, it can ruin somebody else’s.

If you’re caught you will end up in the newspaper and could lose your job and livelihood at best.

Drink driving really does ruin lives, so think on before you go out.