COMMENT - Obesity is an issue

IMAGES of mal-nourished youngsters in post-war Britain used to be the benchmark for tackling poverty in the country’s poorer districts.

It seems we have now gone full circle and unfortunately here in Wigan this is the case more than other parts of Greater Manchester and the UK.

Instead of scrawny urchins, we now have obese youngsters sat on their hinds instead of getting out in the fresh air.

It is easy to see how areas in which unemployment and deprivation are high there are obese children.

They do not get the necessary nourishment they need and a surplus of cheap fatty processed foods, coupled with sedentary lifestyles has meant that borough’s poorer areas are now seeing high levels of childhood obesity.

Work is being done to tackle this, but it will take the communities themselves to make it a success. Community groups, schools and children’s centres are working to ensure youngsters eat correctly – but – if this isn’t tackled soon, health chiefs will be dealing with the consequences for generations to come.