COMMENT - On-going battle with drink-drive menace

A GENERATION or two ago it was common practice to drink and drive.

While hardly condoned, the fact that it was so rife suggests a certain passive acceptance and/or its being given a lowish priority by the police.

Not today where society is far more scornful of those who break tough laws aimed at deterring and prosecuting it.

Of course it doesn’t prevent everyone from taking potentially dangerous (indeed lethal) risks, a fact borne out by the latest police figures for Greater Manchester which saw more than 300 people over the limit, sometimes after a crash.

It is a relatively small figure given the size of the county and the many thousands who were breath-tested and passed.

But one has to wonder how many other people got away with a journey under the influence.

There will always, sadly, be risk takers. But no-one can be under any illusion these days that the full force of the law will come down on them if they continue to flout important laws aimed at saving lives.