Comment - Out of sight out of mind?

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CLAMPING down on underage drinking is always going to be tough. Unfortunately, it is inherent in the culture of 21st century Britain, and whether we like it or not, youngsters only have to look at their peers to see how acceptable alcohol has become.

That said, work is being done, and the more awareness raised as to the damage alcohol can do, it can only help to stem the flow of underage drinkers in the borough.

The latest move by health bosses to back a campaign banning advertising is one such example of good work. It will certainly not stop all underage drinkers from acquiring alcohol, but, as the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

Ultimately, education and setting an example are the only ways to curb underage drinking, but while drinking is such a prominent part of our culture, it will be very difficult to stop. The great work done in schools, together with health professionals, the police and trading standards, should be praised, and hopefully, in years to come, we will see an improvement.