COMMENT - Pain of a grieving family

FACING the festive period having lost someone close is something most of us can, thankfully, scarcely imagine, but the ordeal facing Steven Rourke’s family this Christmas must be infinitely worse.

Steven was just 26 when he was brutally murdered by his next door neighbour, his body found in a bin.

His heartbroken family has now spoken about Steven’s loss, describing his love of his family and their Christmasses together which will never be quite the same again.

What is especially sad is the way Steven, who had bravely battled schizophrenia since being a teenager, was starting to turn his life around when his future was so abruptly taken from him.

Instead of looking forward to a brighter future, his family are now only left with photographs, clothing and their memories.

Throughout this terrible time the Rourkes have shown quite extraordinary courage and dignity, and it can only be hoped the passage of time brings some relief for their pain.