Comment - Parking respect needed

WE can only be grateful that a fire engine didn’t need to get past those double-parked cars for a life or death emergency the other day.

But the pictures of the wedged 999 vehicle on a test run amply illustrate what potentially lethal delays there could have been on Knightshill Crescent, Springfield, if it had.

Residents round there are understandably angry about the regular blocking of their streets with cars belonging to Wigan football and rugby fans, who are either trying to avoid DW Stadium congestion or parking charges on match days.

Because it only happens for a few hours a week – unlike the problems that shoppers and Wigan Infirmary visitors used to cause Swinley residents – there is little appetite for a residents’ parking scheme. And there seems to be confusion over whether police or council should take responsibility for controlling the parking.

Which puts the onus on fans to show some consideration to the locals. They wouldn’t like problems like that outside their homes, we are sure.