COMMENT - Phone thieves becoming a problem

PHONE robberies are becoming a real problem in the borough and over the past few months they have become increasingly violent, particularly toward teenagers.

We nearly all have phones but the problem is that they are becoming ever more valuable and therefore become an obvious target for thieves.

Nobody should be afraid to walk the streets however and it is important that we all remain vigilant.

If you spot somebody acting suspiciously inform the police so that they can get these criminals put behind bars before somebody is seriously hurt.

Violent muggings for phones in broad daylight are simply not acceptable and we all need to rally round to identify the perpetrators as soon as possible.

It is clear that these people are targeting young people for their possessions and seem to know where the best places are to can get away with robbing them.

However, we should all make sure we don’t leave our phones on display, especially in cafes and pubs, as this is when opportunists are most likely to strike.