COMMENT - Play a key role in Wigan’s future

THE vast majority of us have heard of school governors but likewise, most of us do not know a great deal about what they do. The blinkered view that they are a bunch of busy-bodies who sit around drinking tea and eating biscuits is hugely undeserved and it is high time people realised what a vital role they play in education in our borough.

The latest call for people who can make a real difference by taking on the role of a governor at their local school is important and if you believe you can offer something then why not do the right thing and apply?

Many would argue there has never been a more crucial time to have an input given the changing face of education in the UK and Wigan is lucky to be served by some excellent schools which could benefit from the skills and input of skilled residents in the borough.

It can also be an extremely rewarding position and it is vital that our schools continue to provide excellent education for generations to come. So why not see if a school needs somebody and make a difference.