COMMENT - Playing with fire can risk lives

THE number of fires being set by youngsters in the borough is of great concern to the fire service.

While numbers are decreasing there are still far too many incidents in which youngsters have risked their own and other people’s lives by starting fires.

As well as being a very foolish act, it not only risks the lives of members of the public, but potentially those of firefighters.

With Halloween and bonfire night approaching it is important to remember the dangers of fire and the devastating cost it can have.

Everybody wants youngsters to enjoy the festivities but it is important that they take heed of warnings. Fireworks and bonfires have the potential to be lethal if not handled with respect and the last thing the fire service or anybody else wants is a tragedy in the coming weeks.

Parents need to ensure they know what their children are up to and educate them on the importance of staying safe around fire. With the potential for further fire strikes looking it could be crucial.