Comment - Poverty stricken Britain

POVERTY is not often a word associated with 21st century Britain, but according to the latest Health Profile of the borough, 12,875 of our youngsters live within the constraints of poverty.

Now I know many of you will point out – and rightly so – that there are millions of children in some of the world’s most deprived nations who would disagree that many children live in poverty, but in this case poverty means the constraints in which children are brought up.

With rising living costs and a recession putting most families on the back foot, child poverty is bound to suffer.

According to End Child Poverty, a child in the North West is likely to live seven years less than one in the South East.

Poverty in this case takes into account many different factors such as family earnings, education and healthcare.

What is also clear is that health chiefs in the borough have made it a priority for the future, and 12,000 of a 290,000 population is quite a high proportion, even if it is slightly above the national average for England.