Comment - Precinct is past its best

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HINDLEY’S Borsdane Precinct has been a blot on the landscape for a decade.

Despite numerous attempts to find a new owner, the building has been left to rot.

This is bad enough if, like the old Wigan Town Hall, it is in the centre of the town.

But if it is in the centre of a housing estate, it is hell for the people living in close proximity.

Over the past 10 years, Borsdane has been a haven for anti-social youngsters and much worse.

At one stage MP Andy Burnham put his weight behind the campaign to get some action, but even his considerable influence was unsuccessful at that time.

So it is good to see that finally the residents of this area are to get some respite from this blight.

A development company has come forward with a plan which would see a new supermarket built as well as homes on the site.

It can only be hoped that the planning application moves quickly so that we can rid the area of this blot and make it a better place to live and work for everyone in Hindley.