COMMENT - Prepared for winter driving

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HEAVY snowfall over winter may look idyllic, but for those needing to travel on the road network it can be a nightmare.

Everyone has seen horror stories of routes grinding to a halt with motorists left stranded in their cars for hours in miles of gridlocked traffic.

Fortunately, drivers in Wigan can be reassured by the thorough preparations being made for winter by the Highways Agency, whose responsibility it will be to keep motorways and major routes open.

The very latest technology, coupled with a mountain of rock salt stored away in the agency’s depot, should help the agency stay one step ahead of Mother Nature and ensure people can get to where they need to go.

However, drivers should remember conditions may still be difficult, and also do their bit to prepare.

Simple steps, such as ensuring cars are well maintained and carrying a shovel, food and drink and some warm clothes in the boot, will help keep roads open and minimise the burden on the emergency services.