COMMENT - Problem dog laws are still a grey area

UNFORTUNATELY laws governing dangerous dogs have come under scrutiny in recent months, particularly here in Wigan borough.

Following the tragic death of Jade Anderson in March, the Dangerous Dogs act and the role the authorities play in dealing with dangerous animals has been the source of fervent debate.

While any changes to the law need to be debated and go through the various motions toward becoming legislation, the vast majority of us are none the wiser as to what to do if we are concerned by a dog.

The police clearly do not have the time or resources to deal with every call they receive about problem dogs, but at what point do they become obliged to be involved? God forbid it may take another tragic set of circumstances for them to take an interest.

The council say they deal with stray dogs and aggressive dogs are a matter for the police.

So the question is when does an aggressive stray dog become a matter for the police or does it still lie with the council?