COMMENT - Red tape takes it too far this time

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FOR years we have read about ridiculous examples of bureaucracy getting in the way of simple decisions and although we thought those things were getting better it appears that it is still a blight on society.

Alec Wightman and his family have had to go through a truly shocking ordeal and for red tape over petty planning regulations to stop a man with terminal cancer from being able to go to the toilet or shower is truly shocking.

Perhaps it was a case of misunderstanding but many a cynic would view it as busy-bodies enforcing the letter of the law just for the sake of it.

To make somebody go without basic amenities in this day and age is completely unnecessary and sometimes it beggar’s belief when such things happen.

It is good to see the council seeing sense and hopefully Mr Wightman will have his shower facilities already so he is not caused any more unnecessary discomfort.

Planning laws are there to regulate not to inflict misery.