COMMENT - Regulars right to be concerned for locals

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THERE are many landlords who woke up this morning wondering just how much longer thy will have a roof over their heads.

Massive pub co Marston’s have, without any kind of consultation, of course, sold more than 200 ‘wet-pub’ leases for existing pubs, many much loved community locals, to a company which specialises in turning them into supermarkets.

There can be little argument about the intent behind this move.

It demonstrates, yet again, how little interest it would appear, the big brewers actually have, these days, in selling beer.

As CAMRA state, this is bad news for already struggling communities which may now lose their much treasured Locals as a result.

They are threatening a campaign of action against the new owners to stem the apparent tidal wave of store conversions.

It will surely find serious support from those of who feel – and passionately – that pubs are one British institution worth fighting to protect for the future.