COMMENT - Respect is the key for fun

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HALLOWEEN is a great time of the year for youngsters and it still captures the imagination as much as it has done for generations.

Trick or treating is as much as part of Halloween as pumpkins today and everybody is well aware of it.

However, while it can be fun for youngsters, it can be a nightmare for the elderly and vulnerable and as the council say, respect is the key to everybody enjoying it.

Young children will of course be supervised by adults, but the older children who go out on their own should think before they knock on people’s doors as to how they may present themselves.

We all know that 99.9 per cent of youngsters are respectful and responsible despite bad press at times, but some community members may feel intimidated if a gang of teenagers knock on their door.

Hopefully people will display the council’s posters and youngsters will respect them. Halloween is a great event for everybody and hopefully it will pass without incident.